About Me

My Name is Tiffany i am 23 years old my birthday is June 19th i started photography December 23rd 2013 I started taking pictures with just my phone than after years of sharing my work i upgraded to a Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200D Camera so than after many years of my pictures being featured on the news many many times i decided to start a blog to share my photo’s with everyone i also created an Official Photography Page on Facebook i would like to reach 9,553 Likes or more it would be nice .

I love to travel & take pictures of nature and other things i am a huge weather fan

My favorite storms have always been Strong Severe Thunderstorms with lots of Lightning and thunder my 2nd favorites are Clouds With blue skies and Rainbows

Weather Photography is a lot of fun I’ve been enjoying it since i was 9 years old

Feel free to invite your friends & family i love sharing pictures with lots of people

and all over the world & Thanks for visiting my blog


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